Analog Devices
Part Number AD10465
Manufacturer Analog Devices (https://www.analog.com/)
Title 65 MSPS A/D Converter
Description Data Sheet Dual Channel, 14-Bit, 65 MSPS A/D Converter with Analog Input Signal Conditioning AD10465 FEATURES Dual, 65 MSPS minimum sample rate ...
Features Dual, 65 MSPS minimum sample rate Channel-to-channel matching, ±0.5% gain error Channel-to-channel isolation, >90 dB DC-coupled signal conditioning included Selectable bipolar input voltage range (±0.5 V, ±1.0 V, ±2.0 V) Gain flatness up to 25 MHz: <...

Datasheet PDF File AD10465 Datasheet 1.95MB

AD10465   AD10465   AD10465  

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