Analog Devices
Part Number ADXL1004
Manufacturer Analog Devices (https://www.analog.com/)
Title MEMS Accelerometer
Description The ADXL1004 delivers ultralow noise density over an extended frequency range and is optimized for bearing fault detection and diagnostics. The AD...
► Single, in plane axis accelerometer with analog output
► Full-scale range: ±500 g
► Linear frequency response range: dc to 24 kHz typical (3 dB point)
► Resonant frequency: 45 kHz typical
► Ultralow noise density: 125 µg/√Hz
► Overrange sensing plu...

Datasheet PDF File ADXL1004 Datasheet 2.22MB

ADXL1004   ADXL1004   ADXL1004  

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