CT Micro
Part Number CTR215-M4
Manufacturer CT Micro
Title PhotoMOS Relays
Description The CTR215-M4 (1-form-A) consists of two MOSFET and one photovoltaic chip optically coupled to an Infrared-emitting diode in 4-lead Mini-Flat pack...
 High isolation 3750 VRMS
 OFF-state output terminal voltage: 100 V
 Typical ON-state resistance: 0.6 Ω
 Operating Temperature range - 40 °C to 85 °C
 Creepage distance ≥ 5mm
 Distance Through Isolation > 0.4mm
 RoHS and REACH Compliance
 Hal...

Datasheet PDF File CTR215-M4 Datasheet 1.10MB

CTR215-M4   CTR215-M4   CTR215-M4  

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