CT Micro
Part Number WC283507-GTC4
Manufacturer CT Micro
Title PLCC Type White Emitter
Description The WC283507-GTC4 is an AllnGaN White LED housed in a miniature SMD package. Static electricity and surge damage the LEDs. It is recommended to us...
 Top view 2835 package
 Viewing Angle = 600
 Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder process
 High reliability
 Ultra bright White
 RoHS compliance Applications
 Optical indicator.
 Switch and Symbol Display. WC283507-GTC4 PL...

Datasheet PDF File WC283507-GTC4 Datasheet 0.98MB

WC283507-GTC4   WC283507-GTC4   WC283507-GTC4  

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