DK503 DongKe Semicondutor Adjustable BUCK switching power supply

DongKe Semicondutor
Description Chip power pin Chip power pin Feedback foot Power supply pin Input Pin, external rectified DC input voltage http://www.dkpower.cn 2 EXTREME WORKING RANGE Project Symbols Min Supply voltage VDD US -0.3 PIN voltage UPV -0.3 Breakdown Voltage UPP -0.3 Peak current IPEAK Total dissipation power PTOT Operating temperature -25 TR range Storage temperature -55 TSTG range Weldin...
 Full voltage input 85V-265V
 Built-in 700V high voltage power tube
 High voltage constant current starting circuit is integrated inside, no external starting resistance is needed
 Patented self-powered technology, no external auxiliary winding power supply
 Built-in peak current adjustment function, according to the load real-time adjustment ...

Datasheet PDF File DK503 Datasheet 629.86KB

DK503   DK503   DK503  

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