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KSD301 Datasheet Preview

KSD301 Datasheet

Thermostat Device

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Specification of KSD301 Thermostat Device
Electrical Characteristic:
Rated Electric property
Circuit Control Method
Operating Temperature
Break-off Temperature Range
Break Temperature Difference
Reset Temperature Tolerance
Useful life
Normalcy Electric Strength
The insulation Resistance
Contact Internal Resistance
Thermal Resistance
AC125/250V - -- 10A (resistive load)
Normal Close/ Normal Open (automatic reset)
45 ~ 240 (customization)
±1.5 ±2 ±3 ±5
8 150 (customization)
±5 ±10
40000 times (automatic reset)
AC 50Hz/2000V for 1 min without breakdown and
100MΩ DC500V megger
Operating Temperature 150 / Install Surface
Temperature 160
Temperature Control or Over Heat Protection for
Household Appliances and Electronic Element Device
1. Customer must choose the correct model number according to the specification of their products.
2. When the thermostat using the contact feeling temperature, the metal cover must be appress the
surface of the controlled appliance, and wipe the thermal silicon grease on the surface of the metal
3. When assembly, please avoid crush or change the cosmetic, so as not to affect the function
temperature or other performance.
4. Please don’t bending the binding post during usage, to avoid affect the electric reliability.
5. Terminal must be get in contact well.
6. Do not allow any liquid inside the thermostat in any case, the case must be keep clean to avoid pollute
by conducting medium, in order to avoid reduce the insulation property and short circuit.
7. Hand-reset products must be reset after the temperature reduced at least 20°C, do not reset strong (less
than 30N) to avoid damage the inside mechanism.
8. Operating temperature: Relative humidity: 90%, do not contact with corrosiveness, flammability
9. The case must be contact with the line which is grounding to the earth of the equipment.
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Part Number KSD301
Description Thermostat Device
Maker ETC
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KSD301 Datasheet PDF

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