HDSP-5530 Hewlett-Packard (HDSP-xxxx) 7-Segment Displays

Description The HDSP-3530/-3730/-5530/ -3900 and HDSP-4030/-4130/ -5730/-4200 are 7.6 mm, 10.9 mm/14.2 mm/20.3 mm high efficiency red and yellow displays designed for use in high light ambient condition. The four sizes of displays allow for viewing distances at 3, 6, 7, and 10 meters. These seven segment displays utilize large junction high efficiency LED chips made from GaAsP on a transparent GaP substrate. ...
• High Light Output Typical Intensities of Up to 7.0 mcd/seg at 100 mA pk 1 of 5 Duty Factor
• Capable of High Current Drive Excellent for Long Digit String Multiplexing
• Four Character Sizes 7.6 mm, 10.9 mm, 14.2 mm, and 20.3 mm
• Choice of Two Colors High Efficiency Red Yellow
• Excellent Character Appearance Evenly Lighted Segments Wide Viewing...

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