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IP2010PBF Datasheet

High Frequency GaN-Based Integrated Power Stage

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High Frequency GaN-Based Integrated
Power Stage
Input voltage range of 7V to 13.2V
Output voltage range of 0.6V to 5.5V
Output current up to 30A
Benchmark peak and full load efficiency –
no heat sink required
Operation up to 3MHz
Ultrafast, PowIRtuneTM gate driver
Wireless, low noise flip-chip design
Industry-standard TTL compatible Enable
and PWM inputs
Small footprint LGA package (7.7mm x
6.5mm x 1.7mm)
Pin compatible with iP2011
Server, Storage and Netcom POL
General DC/DC Converters
The iP2010 is a fully optimized, high frequency
power stage solution for synchronous buck
applications utilizing IR’s Gallium Nitride (GaN)-
based power device technology platform.
The iP2010 integrates a highly sophisticated, ultra
fast PowIRtune driver IC matched to a multi-switch
monolithic GaN-based power device. These devices
are mounted in a completely wireless package
platform to deliver higher efficiency and more than
double the switching frequency of state-of-the-art
silicon-based integrated power stage devices.
With a switching capability up to 3MHz, the iP2010
enables designers to dramatically reduce the value
and size of output capacitors and inductors where
space is at premium. The device can also be
configured to operate at a lower switching frequency
for applications that require the highest possible
Typical Application

Part Number IP2010PBF
Description High Frequency GaN-Based Integrated Power Stage
Maker International Rectifier
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IP2010PBF Datasheet PDF

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