iT5010 Iterra 40 Gb/s optical modulator driver

Description The iT5010 is an extremely broadband GaAs MMIC traveling wave amplifier that delivers medium output power and moderate gain from 30 kHz to 45 GHz. It can be used as a general-purpose broadband driver in optical communication systems and is well suited for broadband applications requiring a flat gain response, 6 Vpp output voltage, and excellent port matches. Seven P-HEMT cascode stages provide a f...
Features ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ Frequency range: 30 kHz to 45 GHz Gain: 9 dB Gain flatness: ±0.5 dB P1dB at 20 GHz: 19 dBm Psat at 20 GHz: 21 dBm Output voltage: 6 Vpp ¾Return loss: Input:
  –15 dB Output:
  –10 dB ¾ Low-frequency operation ¾ Available in die form Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Vdd Vg1 Vg2 Rfin Tch Tstg Parameters/conditions Power supply voltage Po...

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