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YKF45-5005N Datasheet Preview

YKF45-5005N Datasheet

(YKF45-5004N / YKF45-5005N) IEEE 1394 4P 2L Type

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New Products
IEEE1394 4P 2L type
DC 5V 0.5 A
70 m max
50 m max
100M min
AC 100V min
12.4 mm
This product is a high-speed serial bus interface
I/O connector based on IEEE1394a.
Various kinds of set top boxes, PDP, LCD etc.
Rating : DC 5V 0.5 A
Contact resistance: 70 m max (contact)
50 m max (shield)
Insulation resistance: 100M min
Withstand Voltage: AC 100V 1 minute
Full shield structure and separation seal of an
upper connector and a lower connector structure
is adopted.
A depth size is a 12.4 mm small space design.
2-story arrangement is performed and mounting
area can be cut down.
The good feeling of a click at the time of plug
Lead free
As products are improved, changes may occur. Thus, specifications in
directions are subject to change without previous notification.
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Part Number YKF45-5005N
Description (YKF45-5004N / YKF45-5005N) IEEE 1394 4P 2L Type
Maker Jalco
Total Page 1 Pages
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1 YKF45-5005N (YKF45-5004N / YKF45-5005N) IEEE 1394 4P 2L Type

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