GC331CD72E683KX03L Murata Capacitor

Description Product Search Data Sheet GC331CD72E683KX03# Note: If you have not downloaded this document from our official website, please note that the information provided may not be the most current. Please download the latest datasheet of GC331CD72E683KX03# from the official website of Murata http://www.murata.com/en/products/productdetail?partno=GC331CD72E683KX03%23 “#”at the end indicates the package sp...
Features reliability of the actual Product. Appearance & Shape Notices Large Capacitance and High Allowable Ripple Current References Packaging L K Specifications 180Embossed Tape 330Embossed Tape Mass (typ.) 1 piece 52.0mg Standard Packing Quantity 2000 8000 Attention 1.This datasheet is downloaded from the website of Murata Manufacturing Co., Lt...

Datasheet PDF File GC331CD72E683KX03L Datasheet 629.70KB

GC331CD72E683KX03L   GC331CD72E683KX03L   GC331CD72E683KX03L  

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