G1-266B-85-1.8 National Semiconductor Processor Series Low Power Integrated x86 Solution

Description The National Semiconductor® Geode™ GX1 processor series is a line of integrated processors specifically designed to power information appliances for entertainment, education, and business. Serving the needs of consumers and business professionals alike, it’s the perfect www.DataSheet4U.com solution for IA (information appliance) applications such as thin clients, interactive set-top boxes, and per...
Features such as operand forwarding, branch target buffers, and extensive write buffering. Accesses to the 16 KB write-back L1 cache are dynamically reordered to eliminate pipeline stalls when fetching operands. Features General Features      Packaging: — 352-Terminal Ball Grid Array (BGA) or — 320-Pin Staggered Pin Grid Array (SPGA) 0.18-micron fou...

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G1-266B-85-1.8   G1-266B-85-1.8   G1-266B-85-1.8  

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