PI74LCX240 Pericom Fast CMOS 3.3V 8-Bit Buffer/Line Driver

Description Pericom Semiconductor’s PI74LCX series of logic circuits are produced using the Company’s advanced 0.6 micron CMOS technology achieving high speed while maintaining low power operation. The PI74LCX240 is an 8-bit inverting buffer/line driver designed for driving high capacitive memory loads. With its balanced-drive characteristics, this high-speed, low power device provides lower ground bounce, tr...
• Functionally compatible with FCT3, LVT, and 74 series 240 families of products
• Tri-State outputs
• 5V Tolerant inputs and outputs
• 2.0V-3.6V VCC supply operation
• Balanced sink and source output drives (24 mA)
• Low ground bounce outputs
• Power Down High Impedance inputs and outputs
• Supports live insertion
• ESD Protection exceeds 2000V, H...

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