BH33PB1WHFV ROHM (https://www.rohm.com/) CMOS LDO Regulators

Description The BH□□PB1WHFV regulator series can respond to changes in output current by switching to a state in which regulator characteristics are ideal. The regulators cut power consumption by lowering their own current consumption to approximately 2 A when the application is operating in the standby state. During normal-current operation it will automatically switch to high-speed operating mode. The IC's...
Features excellent heat dissipation, contributes to space-saving application designs.
●Features 1) Automatic switching between low-consumption and high-speed modes 2) Built-in rush current prevention circuit 3) Low-voltage 1.7 V operation 4) High accuracy output voltage: ± 1% 5) Circuit current during low-consumption operation: 2 A 6) Stable with a cerami...

Datasheet PDF File BH33PB1WHFV Datasheet 477.80KB


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