Part Number BH3862FS
Manufacturer ROHM (https://www.rohm.com/)
Title 3 wire serial sound control IC
Description BH3862FS is a sound control IC that includes a 4 input selector, volume and a 2 band tone. REC output terminals are located between the 4 input se...
Features 1) Built-in 4-input selector, mute circuit, REC gain amplifier, volume, bass and treble. 2) 3-wire serial interface 3) Resistor ladder type volume control that uses a BiCMOS process for low noise and distortion. 4) SSOP-A24 package SSOP-A24 Applica...

Datasheet PDF File BH3862FS Datasheet 217.98KB

BH3862FS   BH3862FS   BH3862FS  

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