Part Number M29F400BB
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics (https://www.st.com/)
Title 4-Mbit Single Supply Flash Memory
Description The M29F400B is a 4 Mbit (512Kb x8 or 256Kb x16) non-volatile memory that can be read, erased and reprogrammed. These operations can be performed ...
Features M) Figure 1. Logic Diagram VCC 18 A0-A17 15 DQ0-DQ14 W DQ15A
  –1 M29F400BT E M29F400BB BYTE G RB RP VSS AI02904 July 2000 1/22 M29F400BT, M29F400BB Figure 2. TSOP Connections A15 1 48 A16 A14 BYTE A13 VSS A12 DQ15A
  –1 A11 DQ...

Datasheet PDF File M29F400BB Datasheet 143.74KB

M29F400BB   M29F400BB   M29F400BB  

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