Part Number TSV7723
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics (https://www.st.com/)
Title 5V op amp
Description The TSV7721, TSV7722 and TSV7723 are single and dual 22 MHz-bandwidth unitygain-stable amplifiers. The input offset voltage of 200 µV max. (50 µV ...
• Gain bandwidth product 22 MHz, unity gain stable
• High accuracy input offset voltage: 50 µV typ., 200 µV max.
• Low input bias current: 2 pA typ.
• Low input voltage noise density: 7 nV/√Hz
• Wide supply voltage range: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
• Output rail...

Datasheet PDF File TSV7723 Datasheet 5.23MB

TSV7723   TSV7723   TSV7723  

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