MG048A150004A Shindengen Inverter Module

Description Absolute maximum ratings (Tc = 25℃ unless otherwise specified ) MOSFET Module Electrical and thermal characteristics (Tc=25℃ unless otherwise specified.) MOSFET Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Module Ω Ω μ Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. CHARACTERISTIC DIAGRAMS 1BDLBHF0VUMJOF%JNFOTJPOT ' JEDEC Code JEITA Code House Name - - MG048 VOJUɿNN ʶ ʶ ʶ...
Features he specifications issued by Shindengen. 2. All products described or contained herein are designed with a quality level intended for use in standard applications requiring an ordinary level of reliability. If these products are to be used in equipment or devices for special or specific applications requiring an extremely high grade of quality or re...

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