PMB2330 Siemens Semiconductor 2-GHz-Mixer

Title 2330T
Description The pins RF (7) and RF (8) are low resistance inputs of the base coupled difference stage. The resistor of at least 200 Ω may be connected between pins 7 and 6 (ground) and between 8 and 6 to increase the currents (max. 4 mA per pin) and thus the conversion transductance. The pins LO (4) and LO (5) are the local oscillator inputs of the mixer. The connections to the mixer inputs may be symmetrical...
Features q q q q q q q Bipolar IC Few external components Low noise Low spurious signal content High conversion transconductance Very highly isolated RF, IF and LO ports Good suppression of input signals at output Wide range of supply voltage P-DSO-8-1 Applications q q q q q Cellular radio mixer Cordless telephone mixer UHF transceivers RF data links HF...

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