2-1462039-2 TE Signal Relays

Description Signal Relays IM Relay AXICOM n Slim line 10x6mm, low profile 5.65mm and min. board-space 60mm2 n Switching current 2/5A, switching power 60W/62.5VA and switching voltage 220VDC/250VAC n Low coil power consumption, 140mW standard, 100mW for high sensitive version, 50mW for ultra high sensitive version and 100mW for bistable version n High dielectric and surge capability up to 2500Vrms between op...
Features contacts and typsetandard, C 1ÊPoDleÊ,brIe ak IM-B P1ÊPoleÊmake cha1nIÊMgP-eoColev ÊeÊr a(c≤ta3bc02oleÊmnPolItVoMlaea/-ÊcD≤bdtr1eaoa0kppmpeAlnic)2 aeÊPtnioIodMlen -ÊEm0ake min. 2.5x106 operations min. 2.0x106 operations Contact assembly standard and high high contaBcifturcatedÊco ntacrtessistive, 125VDC / 0.24A - 30W min. 5x105 o...

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