Q2025J6 Teccor Electronics Alternistor Triacs

Title TRIAC Alternistor - 무 스너버 200V 25A 스루홀 TO-218X 절연
Description Teccor offers bidirectional alternistors with current ratings from 6 A to 40 A and voltages from 200 V to 1000 V as part of Teccor's broad line of thyristors. Teccor's alternistor is specifically designed for applications that switch highly inductive loads. A special chip offers the same performance as two thyristors (SCRs) wired inverse parallel (back-to-back), providing better turn-off behavior ...
Features large eyelet terminals for ease of soldering heavy gauge hook-up wire. All the isolated packages have a standard isolation voltage rating of 2500 V rms. Variations of devices covered in this data sheet are available for custom design applications. Consult the factory for further information. Features

• High surge current capability Glass-p...

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