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Track Star

001-04009 Datasheet Preview

001-04009 Datasheet

Smart Antenna

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An affordable way to add Automatic
Vehicle Location capabilities for
fleets that use wirelessly enabled
portable computers (Cellular, 802.11
and radio networks supported)
Track Star< Smart
GPS AVL Capabilities for Wireless
Enabled Mobile Computers
GPS Receiver (other devices avail.)
SiRF Star III with WAAS Chipset
L1 Band, 1575.42 MHz
C/A code at 1.023 MHz chip rate
20 Channels, all-in-view tracking
Sensitivity: -159 dBm
Accuracy 10 meters, 2D RMS, 5 me-
ters, 2D RMS, WAAS enabled
Datum WGS-84
Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average
Hot start 1 sec., average
Warm start 38 sec., average
Cold start 42 sec., average
Dynamic Conditions
Altitude: 18,000 meters
(60,000 feet) max
Velocity: 515 meters /second
(1000 knots) max
Acceleration: Less than 4g
DC Voltage 4.5V ~ 6.5V
Power consumption 80mA
Baud rate 4,800 bps
Output message NMEA 0183 GGA,
53mm diameter, 19.2mm height
Cable length: 1.5 meters
Operating temperature 40°C to +85°C
Track Star GPS Forwarder Software
Runs as service in Microsoft Windows
operating systems
Configurable reporting intervals—time,
distance, heading changes
Sends location data in UDP via cellu-
lar, 802.11 and radio data networks
Automatically sense connectivity for
data transport
Sends location, heading, speed, date/
time to Track Star AVLS system soft-
Collects and stores positional data
when no wireless service is present
Part Numbers
001-04009—Track Star Smart Antenna (GPS Antenna and GPS Forwarder Software
001-04010—Track Star GPS Forwarder Software ONLY
Introducing the new Track Star ®Smart Antenna, the affordable way to add AVL Fleet
Management technology to wirelessly enabled fleets. Using the portable computers
found in an increasing number of vehicle fleets, the Smart Antenna captures GPS loca-
tion data and forwards that data to the Track Star AVLS software system. The GPS For-
warder software product is also available separately for users with existing GPS de-
GPS port sharing software allows the use of Smart Antenna GPS data with other appli-
cations on the computer such as navigation, mapping, work order processing, etc.
The Smart Antenna adds AVL technology to your fleet without requiring the purchase of
more expensive AVL specific devices. It uses the wireless capabilities of the portable
computer so that a new data account for AVL function is not required.
If your fleet uses, or plans to make use of, wirelessly enabled portable computers, the
Smart Antenna is the most cost effective way to provide the full range of Track Star AVL
based fleet management capabilities.
* Requires computer with available USB port, Microsoft Windows Operating System and wireless
connectivity .
Sold by:
Track Star International, Inc. 8382 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, NY 13413 (315) 721-0931 www.trackstar.com
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Part Number 001-04009
Description Smart Antenna
Maker Track Star
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001-04009 Datasheet PDF

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