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TriQuint Semiconductor

TGA4959-SL Datasheet Preview

TGA4959-SL Datasheet

32Gb/s Differential Modulator Driver

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32Gb/s Differential Modulator Driver
40 Gb/s Optical Market: DQPSK and DP-BPSK
Product Features
40 Gb/s Performance
Differential Input and Output
Adjustable Output Amplitude, 6 Vpp – 9 Vpp
Low Additive RMS Jitter, 580 fsec
High Output Drive, 9 Vpp differential output with 1 Vpp
differential input
Gain, 24 dB at 16 GHz
Low DC Power Dissipation, 2.2 W for Vout = 8Vpp at
Vd=5 V
Rise and Fall Times 13 psec
Package Size: 10 x 7 x 2 mm
Typical Electrical Eye, 32 Gbps
Vout = 8Vpp, Vin = 0.5 Vpp per side, Vd = 5V, Id = 428 mA
General Description
Typical S-Parameters
The TriQuint TGA4959-SL is a differential input and output
optical modulator driver designed to operate at frequencies
that target the 40 Gb/s optical market. The TGA4959-SL
consists of a wideband amplifier assembled in a surface mount
package combined with a minimum of external components.
A single TGA4959-SL placed between the MUX and Optical
Modulator provides OEMs with a differential modulator driver
surface mount solution.
The TGA4959-SL provides Metro and Long Haul designers
with system critical features such as: low power dissipation,
low rail ripple, high voltage drive capability (6 Vpp amplitude
adjustable up to 9 Vpp), and very low output jitter.
Several of the bias pins on the TGA4959-SL are internally set
to simplify the users PCB design. Alternatively, these same
pins can be adjusted by the user, if desired. Duplicate pins are
available to enable biasing from either side of the package and
the package can be operated with as few as four separate
power supplies, if desired.
The TGA4959-SL is RoHS compliant. Evaluation boards are
available upon request.
For more information, please contact TQS sales.
Web: www.triquint.com Tel: +1.972.994.8465
Email: info-sales@tqs.com Fax: +1.972.994.8504
Vd = 5 V, Idtot = 428 mA,
Vc3 = 0.53 V, Vg2 = -0.9 V, Vg3 = -1.6 V
Gain and Return Loss vs. Frequency
Differential Meas., Vd = 5 V, Id = 428 mA, 25 °C
25 0
20 10
15 20
10 30
5 ORL 40
Reference plane is at the connectors
0 50
0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35
Frequency (GHz)
Ordering Information
Part No. ECCN Description
TGA4959-SL 5A991.b 32 Gb/s Diff Mod Driver
Product Summary: Rev C 05/29//2012
© 2012 TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
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Disclaimer: Subject to change without noticee
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Part Number TGA4959-SL
Description 32Gb/s Differential Modulator Driver
Maker TriQuint Semiconductor
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TGA4959-SL Datasheet PDF

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