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TQM613017 Datasheet Preview

TQM613017 Datasheet

PowerPadTM CDMA/AMPS Cellular Band PA/Duplexer Module

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Data Sheet
PowerPadTM CDMA/AMPS Cellular Band PA/Duplexer Module
Functional Block Diagram
Product Description
TriQuint’s TQM613017 is a fully matched PA/Duplexer, Front End Module (FEM)
for CDMA/AMPS use in mobile phones. The 8 x 5 x 1.52 mm, 22-pin module
includes an integrated SAW Duplexer, Power Amplifier, Transmit filter, RF Power
Detector and Logic Controller. With an RF Power Output up to 25.5dBm the
TQM613017 FEM meets the strict ACPR and ALTR requirements for products
designed to the IS-95/98 standards. The quiescent current of the PA/Duplexer is
set by the base-band processor using a 1-bit bias control (Vmode) to minimize
battery consumption and maximize talk time.
TriQuint’s multilayer laminate technology provides low loss interconnect and
optimized match between the duplexer, PA and filter enabling the TQM613017 to
achieve typically 430 mA current consumption at maximum output power
(+25.5dBm). The small 8.0 × 5.0 mm module replaces four separate components
requiring less board space. TQM613107 provides handset designers with a simple
to use surface mount module requiring minimal external circuitry in the new
generation of small and light phones.
Electrical Specifications
Min Typ
Max Units
824 836.5 849 MHz
CDMA Mode Pout1
CDMA Mode ACPR (+/- 885kHz offset)1
CDMA Mode ALTR (+/- 1.98 MHz offset)1
CDMA Mode Current Consumption1
460 mA
CDMA Mode Leakage1
-30 dBm
ANT-to-Rx Insertion Loss
2.8 dB
Rx Noise
Note 1: Test Conditions VCC=3.4 V, VREF =2.85 V, T=+25°C
Absolute Maximum Ratings 1
Data Sheet:
For additional information and latest specifications, see our website: www.triquint.com
Revision D, April 30, 2007
Low Current Consumption
Typical: 460mA @ +25.5dBm
Low Quiescent Current
Typical: 40mA
1-Bit Bias Control for Extended Talk Time
Integrated power detector
Integrated duplexer and interstage filter
Excellent ACPR
Typical: -51 dBc @ +/- 885kHz offset
Excellent ALTR
Typical: -60 dBc @ +/- 1.98 MHz offset
Low Voltage Operation 1.3 V to 4.4 V
Small Profile 22 pins, 8.0 x 5.0 x 1.52 mm
Reduced Phone Board Space
Replaces 4 Separate Components
Easy to use with few External Components
Internally matched inputs and outputs
Single-Mode, Dual Mode, and Tri Mode
CDMA/AMPS phones
Package Style
Top View Through Package

Part Number TQM613017
Description PowerPadTM CDMA/AMPS Cellular Band PA/Duplexer Module
Maker TriQuint Semiconductor
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TQM613017 Datasheet PDF

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TriQuint Semiconductor

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