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TriQuint Semiconductor

TQM666017 Datasheet Preview

TQM666017 Datasheet

3V PCS Band WCDMA PA-Duplexer-Module

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Data Sheet
3V PCS Band WCDMA PA-Duplexer-Module
Functional Block Diagram
Product Description
The PowerPADTM is an integrated 3V linear Power Amplifier, Duplexer and
Transmit filter Module including power detection designed for mobile UMTS
handset applications, supporting HSDPA operation.
It features high/low output power modes, analog bias control, low off and standby
currents, and a separate pin for module enable. RF input and output matching is
included within the module; therefore, minimal external circuitry is required.
The 8X5mm PowerPADTM gives excellent RF performance with low current
consumption resulting in longer talk times in portable applications. The small
8× 5 mm² surface mount package is ideal for new generation small and light
Electrical Specifications
Linear POUT(Voice) high mode
Maximum current high mode
Ant-to-Rx Insertion Loss
Min Typ Max Units
1852.4 1880 1907.6 MHz
1932.4 1960 1987.6
24.9 dBm
450 mA
-45 dBc
-60 dBc
2.8 dB
Test Conditions: VCC1 = VCC2= VCCBIAS =3.4 V, VREF =2.775 V, T = 25°C
Data Sheet
For additional information and latest specifications, see our website: www.triquint.com
Revision B, July 25, 2006
Handset power amplifier PA / Duplexer
Module for W-CDMA PCS Band
Supports two modulation schemes:
standard WCDMA, HSDPA
Integrates power amplifier, power detector,
interstage filter and duplexer
Low current consumption:
– high/low power mode
– analog bias control
Low VRef = 2.775 V
Separate ‘module enable’ pin
RF input and output matched to 50
High-reliability InGaP HBT technology
22-pin package
Compact size: 8 x 5 x 1.5 mm3
3G Handsets and Data-Cards
Package Style
8 x 5 mm2 LGA package

Part Number TQM666017
Description 3V PCS Band WCDMA PA-Duplexer-Module
Maker TriQuint Semiconductor
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TQM666017 Datasheet PDF

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