Part Number TLMW3100
Manufacturer Vishay (https://www.vishay.com/)
Title High Intensity SMD LED
Description This device have been designed to meet the increasing demand for white SMD LED. The package of the TLMW310. is the P–LCC–2 (equivalent to a size B...
Features D High efficient InGaN technology D Chromaticity Coordinate categorized according to CIE1931 per packing unit x D Luminous intensity ratio in one packing unit IVmax/IVmin 1.6 D Typical color temperature 5500K D ESD class 1 D EIA and ICE standard pac...

Datasheet PDF File TLMW3100 Datasheet 94.75KB

TLMW3100   TLMW3100   TLMW3100  

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