iT3012E gigoptix Differential-to-single- ended amplifier

Description The iT3012E is a RoHS-6-compliant packaged differential-to-single-ended amplifier designed for use as an optical modulator predriver with limiting functionality in 10.7 Gb/s and 12.5 Gb/s (OC-192) optical transmitters and receivers. It allows single-ended input signals of 350 mVpp to 900 mVpp or differential signals of 250 mVpp to 1800 mVpp to be limited at a constant singleended output voltage of...
Features www.DataSheet4U.com RoHS-6-compliant 4x4 mm QFN (MO-220) package Absolute Maximum Ratings Sym bol Vee Vcc Vd Vm IDCin (+),(-) Tch Tstg Param eters/conditions Pow er supply voltage Pow er supply voltage Applied voltage at data input (differential) Applied voltage at data input (single ended) Offset control current Maximum channel temperature Sto...

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