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No Part Number Description Manufacture PDF
1 CD3313EO four-channel audio processor EONMIC
CD3313EO pdf
2 CD3313 Digital stereo sound control processor Richcreative
CD3313 pdf
3 PCD3311 DTMF/modem.Musical Tone Generator Signetics
PCD3311 pdf
4 CD3314 4-channel audio processor Wuxil CORE
Wuxil CORE
CD3314 pdf
5 CD3001 NPN Silicon Planar Epitaxial Transistor Continental
CD3001 pdf
6 CD3313EO Audio Processor Wuxil CORE
Wuxil CORE
CD3313EO pdf
7 CD3010 Compact LED Dot Matrix Display Series AGC
CD3010 pdf
8 678D337M010CD3D Aluminum Capacitor Vishay
678D337M010CD3D pdf
9 PCD3310 Pulse and DTMF diallers with redial NXP
PCD3310 pdf
10 3CD3001 TO-251 Plastic Encapsulate Transistors Jiangsu Changjiang
Jiangsu Changjiang
3CD3001 pdf

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