Part Number 0.1K1C3
Manufacturer BetaTHERM
Title Chip Thermistors
Description BetaTHERM Sensors Silver Terminations (Contacts) TYPICAL CHIP THERMISTOR Thermistor Material Metalized Surface TL W Metalized Surface Example: S...
Features ¥ Rapid Time Response (< 1 second typical in liquids). ¥ Standards supplied with 5% and 10% tolerance. ¥ 1% and 2% available upon request. ¥ Surface Mount Capability. ¥ 1 mW/oC Dissipation Constant in air at 25oC. ¥ Uniformly Sized for Pick & Place ...

Datasheet PDF File 0.1K1C3 Datasheet 180.02KB

0.1K1C3   0.1K1C3   0.1K1C3  

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