0.1K1MBD1 BetaTHERM Interchangeable mini-BetaCURVE Probe

Description BetaTHERM Sensors Photo? Interchangeable mini-BetaCURVE Probe Interchangeable mini-BetaCURVE Probe: Applications: ¥ Reduced size allows localized temperature sensing. ¥ Small Medical probes. ¥ Micro-flow sensing. ¥ Aerospace temperature sensing. Thermistor Configuration 5.08mm Nominal (0.200") 50.8mm Nominal (2.0") 6.35mm (0.25") 1.01mm Dia. Typ. (0.04") 30 AWG Solid Silver Epoxy Filled ...
Features ¥ Rapid Time Constant (400 milliseconds in liquids). ¥ Standards supplied with +/-0.2oC tolerance (0 to 70oC). ¥ Other tolerances available. ¥ 0.5 mW/oC typ. Dissipation Constant in air at 25oC. ¥ Smaller than regular BetaCURVE Series The mini-BetaCURVE Probe is an extension of the BetaCURVE Series for applications that require smaller size. Altho...

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