CT Micro
Part Number CT3081-4L
Manufacturer CT Micro
Title Phototriac Optocoupler
Description The CT3061-4L, CT3062-4L, CT3063-4L, CT3081-4L, CT3082-4L and CT3083-4L series consists of a Zero Cross Photo Triac optically coupled to an Infrar...
 High isolation 5000 VRMS
 Patented coplanar structure DMC-Isolator®
 Peak Breakdown Voltage
 600V
  – CT3061-4L,CT3062-4L,CT3063-4L
 800V
  – CT3081-4L,CT3082-4L,CT3083-4L
 Operating Temperature range - 55 °C to 100 °C
 External Creepage ≥ 7.4mm ...

Datasheet PDF File CT3081-4L Datasheet 1.23MB

CT3081-4L   CT3081-4L   CT3081-4L  

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