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Dallas Semiconductor

DS1413 Datasheet Preview

DS1413 Datasheet

Passive Serial Port iButton Holder

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Passive Serial Port iButton Holder
§ Small size, low-cost interface to an RS232C
COM Port for reading and writing iButton
§ Supports reading all and writing non-
EPROM iButton devices at regular speed
www.Dat§aShPeoewt4eUre.dcoemntirely from an RS232 interface
§ Standard DB female connector for mating to
the COM Port of a computer with a DS9098
iButton Retainer for a single iButton or
MicroLAN Cable (DS1402x)
DB–9 Connector
The DS1413 Passive Serial Port iButton Holder is a simple, lowcost adapter which performs RS232C
(±12V) level conversion, allowing a non-EPROM iButton to be read and written directly. It can also read
all EPROM based iButtons. The serial port must support a data transmission rate of 115.2 kbits/s in order
to create the 1-Wire time slots correctly. Nearly all PCs and several other hardware platforms support the
required bit rate and are fully compatible with the DS1413. Since an eight bit character (6 data bits plus
start-and stop bit) on the RS232C port operating at 115.2 kbits/s is used to form a single 1-Wire time slot,
the maximum effective 1-Wire transfer rate is 14.4 kbits/s (regular speed). The DS1413 has a DS9098
retainer for a single F5 Micro-Can and can replace the DS9097 COM Port Adapter in applications that
use only a single iButton. Multiple iButtons can be connected to the DS1413 using standard MicroLAN
Cables and button holders (see DS1401 and DS1402x data sheets).
The DS1413 does not support the strong pullup which is required to run the Crypto iButton. For
applications requiring a strong 5V pullup see DS1411. Details on the operation of the DS1413 are found
in Application Note 74, Section V.
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Part Number DS1413
Description Passive Serial Port iButton Holder
Maker Dallas Semiconductor
Total Page 1 Pages
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