DK2649CB DongKe Semicondutor 20W AC-DC POWER CONVERTER

Description The DK2649CB is a secondary side flyback type PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Mode Power Controlli ng IC with high performance and low standby power. With integrated 650V high voltage MOSFET, it is suitable for applications of power supply within 20W output. Under no-load or light load, it works in green mode to reduce the switching loss and improve the working efficiency. The hopping frequency of is...
·85V—265V wide range AC power input.
·Build-in 650V MOSFET.
·Soft start technology
·4 KV Anti-Static ESD test.
·Frequency jittering function, improve EMC characteristic.
·Built-in Leading Edge Blanking (LEB) function
·Frequency hopping mode, improve light load efficiency and reduce standby power consumption
·Standby power <75mW @230VAC input.

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