DongKe Semicondutor
Part Number DK5V85R15S
Manufacturer DongKe Semicondutor
Title High Performance Synchronous Rectifier
Description DK5V85R15S is a simple but high efficiency synchronous rectifier solution with only two function pins A-K, corresponding A-K pins of Schottky diod...
⚫ Suitable for SSR/PSR feedback mode
⚫ Ultra low VF, ultra low temperature rise
⚫ CCM/QR/DCM flyback mode support
⚫ 85V/15mΩ NMOS integrated
⚫ High/Low side rectification support Applications
⚫ USB Charger
⚫ Adapter
⚫ LED Driver
⚫ etc
⚫ Patented sel...

Datasheet PDF File DK5V85R15S Datasheet 561.74KB

DK5V85R15S   DK5V85R15S   DK5V85R15S  

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