DK813 DongKe Semicondutor Non-Isolated BUCK Active PFC LED Driver

DongKe Semicondutor
Description The DK813 is a LED Driver IC designed specially for Non-Isolated high PFC BUCK circuit. It integrates 700V high voltage power transistor and primary peak current detecting circuit. It also includes Active Power Factor Correction, Output Voltage Control, Self-Power supply and LED loading circuit auto detection functions, can avoid LED loading damage. Its integrated Active Power Factor Correction ci...
· ±3% LED Output Current Accuracy.
· Build-in 700V power transistor.
· 85V—265V wide range AC power input.
· Quasi-resonant mode, high circuit efficiency, η>90%.
· Patent self-power supply circuit design, no need for external winding power supply.
· Single-Stage Active PFC(Power Factor Correction) for High Power Factor(PF>0.95) and Low THD.
· Over ...

Datasheet PDF File DK813 Datasheet 241.06KB

DK813   DK813   DK813  

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