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EM4444 Datasheet Preview

EM4444 Datasheet

Read/Write UHF Identification Device

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512 bit, Read/Write UHF Identification Device
The EM4444 is used in passive UHF Read/Write
transponder applications. It is powered up by an RF beam
transmitted by the reader, which is received and rectified
to generate a supply voltage for the chip.
A pre-programmed ID code or other data is transmitted
back to the reader by varying the amount of energy that is
reflected back to the reader.
It implements the robust and fast anti-collision protocol full
compliant with the EM Microelectronic UHF read-only and
read/write tags. Data is written to the tag in 64 bit blocks
by commanding the chip after its presence had been
ID only or ID and one or more EEPROM data pages is
transmitted continuously in a Tag-Talks-Only (TTO) mode.
Alternatively data can be read from the tag in 64 bit blocks
by commanding the chip after its presence had been
The reading range depends on the reader power allowed
by local spectrum regulations, but in excess of 6 m can be
achieved in the USA (license free) and 20 m (site
licensed). More than 2 m can be attained in Europe. ID
reading rates of 120 tags per second can be attained.
The chip is compatible with the EM4222/EM4122 read-
only chips and readers. It can be used in mixed
populations of read/write and read only RFID tags.
‰ Compatible with UHF read-only and read/write tags
(EM4222, EM4122, EM4442)
‰ Factory programmed 64 bit serial ID number
‰ 7 pages of user programmable and lockable memory
(64-bit pages)
‰ EEPROM data pages can be transmitted with ID in
Tag-Talks-only (TTO) mode.
‰ Can be used as OTP device
‰ High reading data rate up to 256 kbit/s
‰ Frequency independent: typically used at 315 MHz,
433 MHz, 869 MHz, 902 - 928 MHz and 2.45 GHz
‰ On-chip oscillator
‰ Low voltage operation down to 1.3V
‰ -40 to +85°C temperature range
The EM4444 is ideal for applications where long range,
high-speed item identification is required:
‰ Supply chain management
‰ Tracking and tracing
‰ Smart labelling
‰ Airline baggage
Typical Operating Configuration
Fig. 1
Copyright © 2006, EM Microelectronic-Marin SA
Subject to change without notice
Rev. B, 01/06
Phone: +41.32.755-5111, Fax: +41.32.755-5403

Part Number EM4444
Description Read/Write UHF Identification Device
Maker EM Microelectronic
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EM4444 Datasheet PDF

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