Part Number CYW20822-P4EPI040
Manufacturer Infineon (https://www.infineon.com/)
Title Bluetooth Low Energy module
Description The Infineon CYW20822-P4xxI040 is a fully integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless module. It includes an onboard crystal oscillator, passive com...
Features CYW20822-P4xxI040 provides all necessary components required to operate Bluetooth® Low Energy communication standards.
• Proven ready-to-use hardware design
• Cost optimized for applications without space constraints
• Non-volatile memory for self-su...

Datasheet PDF File CYW20822-P4EPI040 Datasheet 591.39KB

CYW20822-P4EPI040   CYW20822-P4EPI040   CYW20822-P4EPI040  

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