IM64D121A Infineon (https://www.infineon.com/) digital XENSIV MEMS microphone

Description The device is designed for applications where low self-noise (high SNR), wide dynamic range, low distortions and a high acoustic overload point are required. The low cut-off frequency (LFRO) makes it a well suited device for active noise cancelling (ANC) applications. Infineon's MEMS technology is based on a miniaturized microphone design and results in high linearity of the output signal within a...
• Automotive qualification
• Flat frequency response down to 7 Hz for best ANC performance
• Close sensitivity and phase matching for optimum beam forming
• Extended availability to match automotive design cycles
• Digital PDM output
• Active THD compensation to reduce distortions at high SPL levels
• Small 3.5 x 2.65 x 0.98mm3 surface-mount packag...

Datasheet PDF File IM64D121A Datasheet 3.41MB

IM64D121A   IM64D121A   IM64D121A  

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