IP2368 Injoinic Integrated buck-boost driver

Description of common customized models model IP2368_BZ IP2368_COUT IP2368_I2C_COUT Function Description standardIP2368,support2-6Battery charging existIP2368On the basis of standard products, addCMouth discharge output function existIP2368_COUTBasically, remove the light display and change it toI2Cfunction, available asI2Cslave device 1.pin definition NTC CC2 DPC DMC CC1 LED2/I2C_SDA LED1/I2C_SCL NC NC B...
Features integratedSCPInput and output fast charging protocol - integratedDRP Try.SRCprotocol,PD3.0Input and output fast charging protocol - integrationQC2.0/QC3.0/QC3.0+Output fast charging protocol - Power display - built-in14bit ADCAnd fuel gauge self-learning fuel - gauge, the power display is more uniform - Initial battery capacityPINoptio...

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