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IR3510 Datasheet

Hot-Swap N+1 Redundant XPhase Controller

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The IR3510 Hot-Swap N+1 Redundant X-PhaseTM Controller combines input isolation control for hot-
swappable applications, X-PhaseTM VRM/VRD control and active output ORing control for N+1 redundant
applications. It interfaces directly with microcontroller and X-PhaseTM phase ICs to provide a full-featured
and flexible solution for powering high-end CPUs and servers.
The IR3510 continuously monitors the 12V input current and VRM output voltage. Once the input current
exceeds the programmable threshold, it goes into current limit mode and turns off the input MOSFETs after
the OC delay times out. It immediately turns off the input MOSFETs when an over voltage (OV) condition is
detected on the VRM output. It also has UVLO for both the 12V input and the supply voltage to the VRM.
The IR3510 has built-in active ORing control function for N+1 redundant applications. When the VRM
output voltage is higher than the output voltage bus, it turns on the ORing MOSFETs; When the VRM
output is sinking current from the output voltage bus, it turns off the ORing MOSFETs.
The IR3510 works with existing X-PhaseTM phase ICs to provide a full-featured multiphase VRM solution,
including soft-start, voltage regulation, constant current limit, remote sense and open sense leads
The IR3510 interfaces with system logic to receive “ENABLE”, “VSET” which is the analog reference
voltage for controlling VRM output voltage, constant current limit “OCPSET” and OVP limit “OVPSET”. It
sends back to the system; load current “IO”, VRM status “VRRDY”, ORing MOSFETs status “ORING” and
input fault “IOCD”.
Input isolation MOSFET control for hot-swap, input OCP and output OVP
Programmable input OCP limit and delay
Input isolation MOSFET short detection
Integrated Charge Pump drives input isolation MOSFETs and output ORing MOSFETs
Programmable 150KHz to 1MHz oscillator
Programmable two-stage soft-start
Analog voltage setting for output voltage control, OVP limit and OCP limit
True remote voltage sense with open-sense-lead protection
Programmable output impedance
Gain adjustable analog load current report with thermal compensation capability
Average Current Mode control improving current sharing between paralleled modules
Constant output current limit
Compatible with existing IR3086A and IR3088A Phase ICs
ORing control with adjustable reverse current cut-off threshold
Input Fault, VRRDY and ORing status indications
Operation from 12V input with 9V Under-Voltage Lockout
6.8V Bias Voltage provides system reference
32-lead MLPQ 5x5mm package

Part Number IR3510
Description Hot-Swap N+1 Redundant XPhase Controller
Maker International Rectifier
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IR3510 Datasheet PDF

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