Part Number MPXV5010GC7U
Manufacturer NXP (https://www.nxp.com/)
Title Integrated silicon pressure sensor
Description The MPxx5010 series piezoresistive transducers are state-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensors designed for a wide range of applications,...
Features and benefits
• 5.0% maximum error over 0° to 85° C
• Ideally suited for microprocessor or microcontroller-based systems
• Durable epoxy unibody and thermoplastic (PPS) surface mount package
• Temperature compensated over
  –40° to +125° C
• Patented si...

Datasheet PDF File MPXV5010GC7U Datasheet 753.46KB

MPXV5010GC7U   MPXV5010GC7U   MPXV5010GC7U  

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