Part Number P105N3LL
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics (https://www.st.com/)
Title N-channel MOSFET
Description This device is an N-channel Power MOSFET developed using the STripFET™ H6 technology, with a new trench gate structure. The resulting Power MOSFET...
Features TAB 3 2 1 TO-220 Order code STP105N3LL VDS 30 V RDS(on) max. ID 3.5 mΩ 150 A
• Very low on-resistance
• Very low gate charge
• High avalanche ruggedness
• Low gate drive power loss Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram ' 7$% *  Applicatio...

Datasheet PDF File P105N3LL Datasheet 777.33KB

P105N3LL   P105N3LL   P105N3LL  

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