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TGA4942-SL Datasheet Preview

TGA4942-SL Datasheet

43Gb/s DPSK Modulator Driver

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43Gb/s DPSK Modulator Driver
40 Gb/s Optical Market: DPSK
Product Features
43 Gb/s Performance
Integrated high frequency bias tee
Single Ended Input and Output
Adjustable Output Amplitude, 3 Vpp 8 Vpp
Low Additive RMS Jitter, 400 fsec
High Output Drive, 8Vpp with 0.4 Vpp Input
Gain, 27 dB at 20 GHz
Low DC Power Dissipation, 1.4 W for Vout = 7 Vpp at
Vd=6 V
Rise and Fall Times <10 psec
Hot Pluggable
Package Size: 16 x 8 x 3.7 mm
General Description
The TriQuint TGA4942-SL is a single channel optical
modulator driver amplifier designed for the 43 Gb/s optical
market. The TGA4942-SL is a compact SMT using three
high performance wideband amplifiers and an integrated
broadband bias tee assembled in a 16 x 8 x 3.7 mm
package, requiring a minimum of off-chip components.
A single TGA4942-SL placed between the MUX and
Optical Modulator provides OEMs with a modulator driver
surface mount solution.
The TGA4942-SL provides Metro and Long Haul
designers with system critical features such as: low power
dissipation, high signal to noise ratio (SNR), high voltage
drive capability (3 Vpp amplitude adjustable up to 8 Vpp),
fast rise and fall times, low output jitter, and low input drive
sensitivity (0.4 Vpp 1 Vpp at Vout = 8Vpp).
The TGA4942-SL is RoHS compliant. Evaluation boards
and bias boards are available upon request.
16-pin 16x8 mm SMT
Typical Performance Eye Diagram
Bias Conditions: Vd = 6 V, Vc1 = Vc2 = 0.5 V, Id1 =
41 mA, Id2 = 67 mA, Id3 = 148 mA.
Vout = 7 Vpp
Typical Performance S-Parameters
S-parameters vs Frequency
Vd = 6 V, Idq1 = 37 mA, Idq2 = 34 mA, Idq3 = 100 mA,
Vc1 = 0.5 V, Vc2 = 0.5 V, Vc3 = 0.25 V
20 Gain
10 IRL
10 20 30 40
Frequency (GHz)
Ordering Information
Part No.
ECCN Description
43 Gb/s DPSK
Modulator Driver
Preliminary Product Summary: Rev - 12/20/12
© 2012 TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
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Disclaimer: Subject to change without notice
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Part Number TGA4942-SL
Description 43Gb/s DPSK Modulator Driver
Maker TriQuint Semiconductor
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TGA4942-SL Datasheet PDF

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