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W9986D Datasheet Preview

W9986D Datasheet

MPEG Audio Layer III Decoder

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MPEG Audio Layer III Decoder
The W9986D is a highly integrated USB MPEG
audio decoder chip with Digital Voice Recorder
(DVR) function built-in. This MPEG Layer III audio
decoder is capable of decoding layer III compressed
streams, as specified in MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 ISO
standards. And it also has integrated many
peripheral controllers such that it can directly
interface to audio codec, flash memory, USB, etc, to
minimize PC board area and system cost.
Digital Sound Control
Digital volume control and stereo channel mixer
Digital bass and treble control
Low power 2.5V (core) and 3.3V (I/O) Operation,
with 5V input tolerance
128-pin LQFP Package
Single-chip MPEG Audio Decoder with Voice
Recoder /Decoder
48 MIPS 16-bit DSP with internal OM and DM for
MPEG audio decoder and DVR function
48 MHz double-frequency W78C58 micro
controller with internal 64Kbytes program ROM
and 6 Kbytes data RAM
I2S and SSI audio codec serial interface
SmartMedia, CompactFlash and MMC flash
memory interface. Hardware for SmartMedia
ECC and MMC CRC generation
USB 1.1 full speed interface that support Control,
Bulk-In, Bulk-Out and Interrupt-In transfer by
hardware or 8051 software
24 GPIO for keypad and system control
MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer3 Decoder
ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG 1 audio layer 3 decoder
ISO/IEC 13818-3.2 MPEG 2 audio layer 3
MPEG 2.5 lower sampling frequencies audio
Support all the sampling frequencies of 48, 44.1,
32, 27.4, 22.05, 16, 12, 11.025, and 8 KHz
Low Bit Rate DVR (Digital Voice Recorder)
5.3/6.3 Kbps bit rate voice recording
8KHz voice sampling frequency with 16-bit
Support Silence-Detection and
Following figure shows a typical portable player
using W9986D.
MIC Audio
SPK Codec
Program Memory
ROM, E2PROM or Flash
8051/52 ICE or uC
Single-Chip USB
MPEG Audio Decoder
Flash Memory
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Oct. 2001

Part Number W9986D
Description MPEG Audio Layer III Decoder
Maker Winbond
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W9986D Datasheet PDF

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