ZL49011 Zarlink Semiconductor (ZL49010 - ZL49031) Wide Dynamic Range DTMF Receiver

Description The ZL490xx is a family of high performance DTMF receivers which decode all 16 tone pairs into a 4-bit binary code. These devices incorporate an AGC for wide dynamic range and are suitable for end-to-end signalling. The ZL490x0 provides an early steering (ESt) logic output to indicate the detection of a DTMF PWDN VDD VSS 1 Voltage Bias Circuit Steering Circuit High Group Filter Antialias Filte...

• Wide dynamic range (50dB) DTMF Receiver Call progress (CP) detection via cadence indication 4-bit synchronous serial data output Software controlled guard time for ZL490x0 Internal guard time circuitry for ZL490x1 Powerdown option (ZL4901x & ZL4903x) 3.579MHz crystal or ceramic resonator (ZL4903x and ZL4902x) External clock input ...

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