ZL60009 Zarlink Semiconductor PIN/Preamp 1300 nm-1550 nm

Description This optical receiver is a 3.3 V device which contains a PIN photodiode and a low noise transimpedance amplifier assembled in a TO-46 package. It is designed for OC-3/STM-1 operation. Its optical system is designed for single mode fiber as well as for multi mode fiber with a core diameter up to 62.5 µm. Reliability Assurance based on Telcordia GR-468CORE. Features • • • • • • Data rate up to 200 ...

• Data rate up to 200 Mbps 1310 - 1550 nm PIN TO-46 Assembly TIA with AGC Single 3.3 V supply Low power consumption VCC Applications

• Sonet OC-3 SDH STM-1 ATM 155 Mbps FDDI, Ethernet Data Data GND Figure 2 - Functional Schematic Bottom View Figure 1 - Pin Diagram 1 Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. Zarlink, ZL and the Zarlink Sem...

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