ZL40162 Zarlink Semiconductor Inc High Output Current High Speed Dual Operational Amplifier

Description The ZL40162 is a low cost voltage feedback opamp capable of driving signals to within 1V of the power supply rails. It features low noise and low distortion accompanied by a high output current which makes it ideally suited for the application as an xDSL line driver. The dual opamp can be connected as a differential line driver delivering signals up to 18.8Vpp swing into a 25Ω load, fully supporti...
• High Output Drive
• 18.8 Vpp differential output voltage, RL = 50Ω
• 9.4 Vpp single-ended output voltage, RL = 25Ω High Output Current
• ± 200mA @ Vo = 9.4 Vpp, Vs = 12V Low Distortion
• 83dB SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range) @ 100KHz, Vo = 2Vpp, RL = 25Ω High Speed
• 158MHz 3dB bandwidth (G=2)
• 195V / µs slew rate Low Noise
• 3.8nV / √Hz: inpu...

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