Analog Devices
Part Number ADP1109A
Manufacturer Analog Devices (https://www.analog.com/)
Title DC-to-DC Converter
Description The ADP1109A is a versatile step-up switching regulator. The device requires only minimal external components to operate as a complete switching r...
Features Operates at Supply Voltages 2 V to 9 V Fixed 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V and Adjustable Output Minimum External Components Required Ground Current: 460 ␮A Oscillator Frequency: 120 kHz Logic Shutdown 8-Lead DIP and SO-8 Packages APPLICATIONS Cellular Telephones...

Datasheet PDF File ADP1109A Datasheet 146.24KB

ADP1109A   ADP1109A   ADP1109A  

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