Clare  Inc.
Part Number M-986-2R2
Manufacturer Clare Inc.
Title MFC Transceivers
Description The M-986-1R2 and -2R2 MFC Transceivers contain all the logic necessary to transmit and receive CCITT R2F (forward) and R2B (backward) multifreque...
• Direct A-Law PCM digital input
• 2.048 Mb/s clocking
• Programmable forward/backward mode
• Programmable compelled/direct control
• Operates with standard codecs for analog interfacing
• Microprocessor read/write interface
• Binary or 2-of-6 data f...

Datasheet PDF File M-986-2R2 Datasheet 520.42KB

M-986-2R2   M-986-2R2   M-986-2R2  

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