ZLED7320 Renesas (https://www.renesas.com/) High Current 40V LED Driver

Description Benefits The ZLED7x20 continuous-mode inductive stepdown converter family is part of our line of LEDcontrol ICs. It is designed for applications requiring high brightness and high current. It can efficiently drive a single LED or multiple series-connected LEDs from a voltage input higher than the LED forward voltage: Vin = 6 to 40 VDC. It provides an adjustable output current ≤1.2A, which is set...
Features ZLED7x20 Family Selection Matrix Product Max. Current Output Package ZLED7020 1.2A SOT89-5 ZLED7320 1.0A DFN-5 ZLED7520 0.75A DFN-5 ZLED7720 0.35A DFN-5 ZLED7x20 Typical Application Circuit
• Up to 1.2A output current Vs = 6 to 40 VDC Rs
• Internal 40V power switch
• Wide DC input voltage range 6 to 40 VDC D1
• Output current ...

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